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I have a 2lb chihuahua and she seems to have patchs of hair loss. The vet does not know what it could be. is there something I can do

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I have a chihuahua that is one year old. When she was six months she started loosing patches of hair. The patches were not irritated and she didn't bother with them. She had several visits to the vet until we finally had it diagnosed as Demideptic (?) Mange. We were alarmed. The vet said it wasn't due to the dog being dirty, all dogs are exposed to the parasite when they are nursing. Sometimes the pup doesn't have enough resistance to fight off the parasite and it takes hold. The vet had to do a skin scraping to confirm the diagnosis. She was prescribed a few medicated dips (a little traumatic), but once the parasites were gone her hair patches grew back and she now has a beautiful coat.

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