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I have a 3 mth old female chihuahua puppy, shes making a coughing/gagging sound, does she have a cold?

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Does she have her shots yet? If not, get them.

Hi, I have a seven month old chihuahua who did the same when he was about four/five months old, which I found out was actually kennel cough. This can be caused by a previous cold that can exist in his system and if not treated can come back even worse. If the cough is persistant and every week or so then yes it's kennel cough and you need to take her to the vet. I took my Chihuahua to the vet because he was gagging like he was choking every couple of weeks and the vet gave me a weeks antibiotics to place in his food and it seems to have helped a lot. Because he was only coughing every couple of months then it was to do with the previous cold he had had. But the other person who answered your question is also correct, you'll need to give your chihuahua the proper vaccinations if you haven't, as they are very important in protecting such a small young developing Chihuahua.. I hope this helps!!

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