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I have a 3 year old chihuahua, I have owned her since she was a small puppy, but im noticing lately she is getting very agressive towards people today she bit my uncle in the leg for no reason she just ran up to him and attacked. Is this normal for this breed of dog she has never been agressive towards me or my family. Im scared to let people come over because Im not sure what she is going to do. Is there a way to stop this behavior.

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Maybe she's pregnant? Or she has been annoyed by someone?

Have you dewormed your dog and had a check up lately with your vet and gotten blood work and a urinalysis? It would make sense to rule out any sort of infection or health problem before looking any further. Dogs get grouchy like people when they aren't feeling well, and the sad thing is they cannot speak words to tell us what feels bad.

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