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I have a 8 month old Shihtzu, and I can't seem to break her out of eating her poop. It there anything I can do to discourage her from doing this. I have tried picking it up ASAP, tried pills, called Potty Mouth, scolder her when she did, and praised her when she didn't. Every other Shihtzu owner tells me their pups do the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

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I have heard that you can give your shih tzu a little piece of pineapple, the pineapple will make the poop taste bad. Also you may want to think about changing the food you are giving her, it may not have enough nutrients in it and it is not properly being absorbed and so they are making up for that lack of nutrients. Also another reason why your dog is eating it's poop could be that it's a learned thing from it's mother. A mother dog is known for eating the poop to keep the area clean for her pups. If so then it could be harder to keep her from doing that, you will just have to be very persistent with picking up the poo before she gets to it. The next time she defecates make sure you make a startling noise and once she is distracted pick up the poop.

My Dog does that too and I bought him From Diana Stokes. I beleive the dog had nothing else to eat as a puppy. I feed my dogs Science Diet and tried other dog foods too, he still will go out in the yarsd and find some poop and bring it in and eat it. I have 3 other Shih Tzu's and none have had this problem, he is almost 2 years old. He also came with ear problems and has passed it on to the other 3 dogs.

I agree with one of the other answers. My shih tzu did the same thing until I changed her food then she stop eating the poop. She is over weight so we put her on a weight controlled food (diet) she went back to eating the poop. So we will keep her on kibbles and bits and she has stopped eating the poop, so she must be getting what she needs from the food.

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