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I have a chihuahua who incessantly poops and pees on the bathroom floors of friends and family. This tends to be very embarrassing! She also, will not come to me when I am taking her for a ride. She loves to go for rides but, she just doesn't like to come to me to get into the vehicle. I have tried everything to get her to come to me. Then she likes to chew on blankets, her blankets, and that is very annoying as well. She is a very good dog other than those couple of things. I have tried everything to get her to break these bad habits but too no avail. I just want her to stop these habits if you could help me or possibly give me some insight on how to correct these problems I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading this.

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Oh my! These 'habits' may be the sign of a dog looking to get more attention...or showing that he/she is more important than whatever else or whoever else is in the room when he/she's there. Depending on how old your dog is, this may take some serious 'retraining'. It certainly can be done and often times it's more of "training the trainer" than training the dog. We had a 13 year old Border collie/American Eskimo that was horrible on a leash for walks, awful with any strangers especially children. The year before she died (at age 14 1/2) I finally broke her of those issues. I used the Cesar Milan way to retrain her and me. Best of luck with your dog. You really can teach an old dog new tricks :-)

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