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I have a two year old chi. We put her outside at night because if we don't she will pee or poo in the house. During the day she barks to be let out to go to the bathroom. The new problem is when shes outside in the garage she whines all night and we cant sleep any ideas?

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Get her a kennel. Dogs won't go to the bathroom in their own sleeping space.

Chihuahuas like to be near their owner. They also get cold fairly quick and need to stay warm. Our chihuahua wears a coat as well as sleeps with us. We let her out at night just before we crawl into bed. She still gets up in middle of night to potty once... but also depends on what she has eaten and how late she drank. Dogs won't go to the bathroom where they sleep. So try letting it sleep with you and if it licks you in middle of night, it's to wake you to go to potty. Just pay attention to the signs. Otherwise try the kennel in the house. Put it's bed and blankets and a stuffed animal in the kennel... it gives them the thought that they have someone with them since they do become attached to their owner and love to be held. Besides outside is to cold for them even if in the garage. Give it a try. But they love to sleep with you and curl up next to you.

There are two options you could try the first would be to crate train your chi, it will take time as they don't like to be away from you but as a chi is small you could keep the crate in your room. This would mean it's near you but you don't have to wake up and tread in poo. This has worked for my chi that is a yr now. The other option would be to leave down a training pad so your chi knows it can go toliet there if it needs to you might need to train it to go toliet there until it understands what you want. Theres no quick fix but as long as your persistent you will see changes.

Chi's love to snuggle and will wake you up if they have to potty. Garage is too cold unless you are blowing a heater into the crate and let her sleep on a heating pad.

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