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I have brother and sister chihuahua's this is her first heat I came home from work yesterday and they were stuck together. What will happen to her and or what will happen to the puppies... what will they be like ... help I very scared for her and the pups..

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The first heat is definately too young to be having puppies, they are still babies themselves, and sometimes don't take good care of the puppies. And then on top of it, brother and sister should never be bred. It can cause health issues and deformities. I suggest getting her spayed a.s.a.p. If you plan on breeding her, then it is possible that she didn't take with that breeding, but that isn't a guarantee. It is very hard to keep males and females apart when housed together. The males are very clever at finding ways to get to the females. If you are not an experienced breeder, then toy breed dogs are not a good place to start!! There is the chance that she will have to have the pups by c-section, which is very spendy. Then there is the care of the babies. They have to be kept warm and their weight monitored daily to be sure that they are gaining weight. Toy breed puppies are not like bigger breeds and are very fragile when it comes to their health. I suggest that you spay and neuter your dogs.

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