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I love my little TOBY (male long haired chi age 16 mths), but he has always been very barkey and aggresive to ppl coming in the house, I understand that is nomal (??)for a chi and have not been able to stop that behaviour, I am more concerned as he has started to get very growly and vicious with us, in the last 2 days he nearly bit my daughter, I feel bad , he bit me twice and my partner once. Can any advise me why hes behaviour has changed all of a sudden, I love him but dont know what to do.

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It is normal. I have chihuahua that does all that. What you can try pick your dog and hold him and let him sniff and smell this person whoever that came in the house for few mins then when he growl or start bark little say aha aha no. Then when he turn his head toward something or not lookin at the person. Tell the person just pet his head softly. His might try avoid it little. Then just holdin him calmly while you having a conservation and pet him some then if he settle down then you can let him down on the floor. If continues to bark put him up and say no. Do it repeat if needed.

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