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I own two pug brothers from same litter,they are 3 yrs old,and sleep together and love one another.however lately,one pug upon awaking will immediately attack his brother jump him and growl viciously at him,then he settles down and its over. what could be causing this behavior?

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I only have one pug. I aso have a Boston Bull and our pug will do the same thing! She tease-takes thing away from the Bull dog! She is a lot younger and thinks she can get away with it too ! What do you do about it??

Are they desexed? If one or neither are then it is a dominance thing.

what i think is that one dog thinks its brother is getting more love then he is and he gets mad at his brother and u need to spend more time with both or hes doin that because he wants attintion than his brother

Dominance. The one pug is being like the "Leader of the Pack" and is putting the other in his place.

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