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I was given a chihuahua that is about 4 yrs old. He barks at everything (reason owner did not want). Has never had toys-treats-or attention-was kept in a crate all day-when taken outside was placed in small (very small fenced run with water sometimes. I had to take this dog so he could get the love he deserves. I believe all of the issues with this dog were created by former owner. Is there hope with lots of TLC I will be able to turn this dog into a happy family member. I have no other dogs so I have plenty of time to spoil this guy rotten. Do you think he is too old to train?

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A dog is never too old to be trained. Just be a little more patient and repeat your commands everyday so he will remember them. Good luck!

that is so sad.some people just dont like dogs the way others do.anyway, i think that if you try to train him now it will be okay. if he barks at people when they come to the door, then that is normal.i read in a dog book that it is okay if they bark at people who come to the door because they are just trying to protect you. good luck!!:)

No dog is too old to learn in fact the older they are the quicker they pick up on stuff although I've never had luck trying to get a dog not to bark.

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