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My 7 year old pug (Wilson) is suddenly holding his head to the right all the time. The vet said that he has a slight ear infection and a tooth that looks suspicious. She did not prescribe anything for us to do. she said to 'give it a few days' I'm really worried. He is eating and drinking but can not walk straight and always holds his head crooked to the side.......Has anyone experienced this? Please Help!!!!!!!

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Inteverm ointment can be perscribed by your vet and that would of cleared it up I think they could get it for you online also.

Maybe his ear itches or hurts, maybe that pose makes it feel less irritated. Have you tried touching it? I don't know what you can do. I'd wait for what the doctor reccommends

It sounds like Wilson has an inner or middle ear infection. The infection affects their balance and causes a severe head tilt. It can also cause problems with their eyes, it is easily treated with antibiotics. Good Luck!

I have an 8 year old named Cade that just developed the same symptoms, I noticed the head tilt and balance problems and immediatly thought ear infection because of his equilibrium. One vet gave me a topical antibiotic that helped but the problem returned. They finally had to sedate him and perform a deep ear flush, the ear canal on a pug is almost 3 inches deep so your vet really needs to clean as far as possible. Have you noticed an odor? If so ear infections are almost always accompanied by yeast infections. Anyhow Cade is back to his old self. Best of luck to Wilson!

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