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My chihuahua puts off a lot of body heat. You put here in a blanket with you and she'll cook you out of the blanket. My other chihuahua dosent put off nearly half the heat as the other. The dog acks happy. She just puts off a lot of heat Why? Anybody else have or know of a chihuahua doing this?

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Well,Chihuahua's radar dish-like ears help put off excess body heat,so maybe his ears are just putting off the heat it probably got from playing outside or something.But are you leaving your Chihuahua outside for a long time?Beacause that can be the reason why your chihuahua is putting off so much heat.

She is a inside dog. My other puts off very little body heat. The one that puts off the body heat has very little hair on her stomach and she is fixed. I don't belive the ears are doing anything except helping her hear!

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