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My female Pug is almost two years old and not fixed. She has been spinning around on her rump like she is itching, what's up with this? She has just ended her second cycle, would this have anything to do with it? I feel sorry for her cause she can't reach there like other dogs can. What can I do to help her?

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I too have a female pug she does the sme thing. every dog has two sacks on both sides of the ance this is filled with a liquid that helps then go to the bathroom. sometimes when they have a bowel movement the two sacks can become inflamed or swollen some people squeeze the dacks to relieve the pressure. You can have your vet teach you this process or you can just let her rub on your carpet. What ever your pug will do what she does to feel better.

Actually, all breeds of dog have anal sacs that can become inflamed if not emptied properly, with the universal symptom being "scooting". Its actually easier to empty on pugs that in some other breeds (IMHO). It usually happens with my pugs when they do not have solid stools and I suspect that a firmer stool more effectively eliminates the fluid in the gland. To empty it, it is helpful if you are not squemish, as it is a process that smells extremely bad. What I do is put my dog in the place where I bathe him and have my husband hold the front end of him. I know this sounds gross, but I then genly squeeze his anus until the gross nasty liquid is released. It sometimes takes 2 or 3 attempts. As it reeks, I ususally then bathe him to wash the nasty stuff off. Incidentally, when my dogs' anal sacs are irritated, the also don't smell particularly good. Even when they are not "scooting", that distinctive smell indicates that they need to have their anal sac emptied.

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