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My oldest Pug, who turned 22 (yes, 22!) years old this year, has developed a tumor on her back. It started out as, what our original vet thought, was an ingrown hair and in 9 months has developed into this grotesque black mound thats about the size of a silver dollar and an inch tall. We've taken her to 5 different vets and all of them have taken samples to be sent off to labs. They say its not cancer, but its growing so fast! It doesnt seem to bother her and we clean it daily with a saline soultion and weekly baths. However, recently, it has started to smell and "shed" This pug was my first child. I love her to death. She has helped me raise 5 children and she has the biggest heart and larger-than-life personality. Although she is in good heath other than loosing most of her hearing and eye sight, Im scared to death to have this thing removed. I just have a feeling that she would not make it through the surgery. Has anyone elses pug developed anything similar? Any tips as to how I should take care of it?

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I had a pekingese that had what sounds like the same thing. He lived to 19 and died of old age. He started with one scabby wart like thing that got bigger and later it spread into a couple of smaller ones. Our vet told us not to worry about it as long as the dog didnt care about it - he never did!

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