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My pug has a very pronounced fold which gets sweaty easily. She fights with me terribly when I try to clean it, I'm afraid I may poke her in her eye or something as she squirms around. She gets irritation in her fold to the point of itching and odor. How do I get her to alow me to keep her fold clean without a fight?

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My Pug Donna also has a very pronounced fold on her nose and was fighting terribly when I wanted to clean it. I persisted with short attempts and now find that when I pull the skin back with my left thumb I can easily clean under the fold with a dampened tissue with my right hand, she knows that she'll get a tasty treat if she remains quiet, usually a slice of chicken or duck breast ( just a small taste ) and over time she has got used to me cleaning the fold that she doesnt fight any more

.I have to wash wilson`s folds with a wet washcloth 2 times weekly. He fights me all the way but seems to be happy when i am done.i also put some clortrimozole in the fold to prevent fungal infection and odor.

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