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Our Shih Tzu has recently begun suddenly to pounce at the children attempting to bite them in the face. We had the one situation where she was surprised out of her sleep so we can perhaps understand that one but the recent sudden lunges have us concerned. Generally she is a playful fun dog with the children. Is there a breeding or other issue that causes her do this sudden snapping at the children. We cannot continue to allow this behavior toward the children.

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Our Shit-Zhu is very playful and never bites, maybe at times she nibbles on fingers because she is teething. But maybe some training of the dog would help. Because they are very smart dogs.

There are many reasons for a dog to snap. It could be because of fear, dominance over others, genetics or even an aggressive environment. Sometimes they can snap even at the simplest harmless act like having their ears rubbed, which some may like and the ones who don't will react to it by snapping. Now you need to figure out what could be the probable reason out of this that is making your dog snap at you. Once you understand them, it will be easier for you to deal with it. Moreover, in case you find it hard to control his behavior you can always consult a vet for proper guidance. You can talk to the vets at They will guide you.

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