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We're getting a pug puppy...yeah, very excited, but concerned. The breeder says she is ready to go now. She is 5.5 weeks old. ? Is this too young to bring her home?

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Puppies should NEVER leave their mother before 8 weeks of age. Preferably 9, but NEVER before 8. You should look for another breeder. A good, reputable breeder would not be trying to whisk puppies away from their mother at such an age.

The pups need to stay with their pug momma and their litter for at least 7 weeks. Perferably a bit longer. Even if they are no longer nursing! The need that social interaction. If a breeder is letting them go earlier, it's probably because they are tired of taking care of them and want their money. It may be good for the breeder, but it is so terribly bad for the pups.

she is to young well thats what i would say because i heard that the dog has to be at least 2 months old befor leaveing its mom

According to all AKC and airline and vet regulations, no puppy can be shipped or should go to a new owner before eight weeks of age. They should receive 4 wormings 2 weeks apart with the last one being a 3 day. Also they should receive a parvo at 4 weeks, 5-way and bordatella at 6 and 8 weeks. Also a 5 to 10 day (depending on what type of medication breeder uses) for coccidia (puppy diarrhea.

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