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We have a one year old pug. She is mostly house broken. She has not made a mess on the carpet since she was about 6 months old, however she still pees in her crate about once a week, usually at night. How can we teacher her not to do this? Her crate is not too big and we are very regular about meals and when she is let outside. A couple of times she has held it for over 8 hours when no one could come home at lunch to let her out. How can we teacher her not to pee in her crate?!

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Any of these might work for you depending on how you want to treat your dog: 1. Try moving it somewhere, where the dog won't find it. 2. Try using a spray repellant, they sell them at any local pet store. (Just spray around the crate and the dog won't like it and will stay away.) 3. If your dog pees on it again, say -Uh Uh- or -no- depending on which training habit you use. 4. You can get dog Pee Pads at any Local store. (Somehow the dogs get attracted to pee there) 5. Ask a vet or pet trainer for advice

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