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We have two pugs. The one I'm writing about is nearly 11 years old and he has developed some problems with his back and back legs. He is slightly dragging his back right leg and at times his leg is stiff and it's hard for him to get up. I've taken him to our vet and he thinks he has spinal nerve damage. He is now mostly unaware when he needs to use the bathroom and is constantly going in the house now. He has had shots and meds to help his condition but it is something that is not going away. Has anyone else had a problem like this? What did you do? Thanks!

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I don't know if this will help but my 10 yr old pug has had alot of problems including an unstable back end. If you don't already give them try giving him Pet-tabs (vitamins) available at your vet. Made a huge diffence in a few of my pug's issues mainly his back end strength

We also have a pug who is almost 11 and within the last year his back legs have deteriorated. At first he was dragging one, then both and has now become incontinent. His front legs have now become weak due to the strain. We were told nerves in his spine would need operating on but it would cost about £3000 with the scans but he is too old for it. He was given an injection and steriods and we were told to consider having him put down!

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