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What is the best thing to use for my Maltese tear stains?

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Angel Eyes is absolutely wonderful! It is added to food, more in the beginning then tapering off after several months. In the end we now only have to add it a few times per week. Shop around, prices can be competitive.

please do NOT use angles eyes, it is an antibiotic and does more harm then good. i use pro-biotics such as new chapter plant based pro-biotics for colon support. this one is especially good for animals and keeps there skin and immune system healthy. took two weeks before results of 1/2 capsule every morning mixed in her raw food by natures variety, and now everyone comments on how bright her eyes are. it keeps away the orange staining from there paws and ears too. everyone and their pets should be on pro-biotics everyday for optimal health.

just feed them bottled water instead of tap

Angel Eyes works wonders!! Get it from Ebay!

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