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i own a chihuahua of 4 months ,i took to the vet he has diarea and vomiting. he gave him meds. but hes just getting worst. now his direa is more watery and blood like. please respond i am very worried and scared.

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Please take him to the vet asap. They can go down very fast. Make sure that he has Nutra-stat to keep his sugar up. Has he had all his shots? He could have parvo.You can give him pepto bismol and see if this helps him. don't let this go on for long, you could lose him

that sounds like parvo but could be coccidia did you puppy get better yet, need to have the vet do a fecal that is the best way to detect what is going on with your puppy, good luck

This happened to my puppy too; the vet said she had an infection, which she probably got from smelling something she shouldn't have smelt(other doggy poop). Definitely take to the vet, will need antibiotics.

My puppy had the same problem diarrhea blood in his stool. Took FOUR different fecals at four different times all came up negative, Than it came up mPositive, Be aggressive and keep bringing nasty stool samples The parasites are not always shedding . If they are not shedding they do not show up in the fecal. Good LUCK

I had a 9-month-old male that showed the same symptons and my vet immediately tested for parvo which was negative. Another test revealed pancreatitis caused by a change in food. You may have your vet test for pancreatitis.

This definately sounds like Parvo ... but could also be coccidia - The vet needs to test RIGHT AWAY! I had a sweet baby girl Chi that started vomiting & having bloody liquid like stools & lost her in just 48 hours. The vet I had taken her to said it was coccidia from food change & in a few days she would be fine - he did not test for Parvo because she was already 1 year old. I later found out from another vet that with the Chihuahua age does not matter when it comes to things like Parvo - Full grown these dogs are the size of an average puppy & they are MUCH more likely to get very sick & even die from even the most minor illnesses.

My girl got sick (vomiting and diahorreah) about 4 days after I got her, and the problem was she is a mini, so only weighed 500 gms. The vet gave her a shot of antibiotics, and he also gave her a small amount of fluids subcutaneously (under the skin) and I had medication to take home. He also gave me a thick substance for her to lick of my fingers to boost her up, sorry can't remember the name right now. I basically slept next to her all night, and every two hours got up, gave her her medicine, gave her small amounts of water and her boost tonic. I kept a diary throughout the night of wees etc, and by the next day she was alot better, he gave her two more subcutaneous injections of fluids and was so happy with her. She did get better, but it was a sleepless couple of days. Hope your little one gets better soon.

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