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my 13 week old chcihuahua is loosing hair...her skin is showing it is pink and white pleasse tell me what do i do..?

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I'm not sure this is very helpful but maybe she is aging? Or has some kind of skin problem. I think you should go ask a vet, she seems pretty old, at old age dogs looe hair. But i'm not sure if i'm 100% right. I think it would be best for a vet to examine her.

A 13week old Chihuahua is not old!! Its commin with dogs.If its cold and they ly in front of a heater or under a blankie.What u need is a Kortisoon pill use for humans but its availible at vets.Use a 5mg pill 2 in the morning and 2pills at night.Day 2 use 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night and on the third day half half.After the first day you will see a big diffrence.It happened with both my pups and it works like a bom!

they shed a lot but i have never seen one loose that much fur. you should go take her to the vet.

my little man had lost all of his hair at about eight weeks. the vet said food allergies and he was right took all additives out of is diet fed him rice but it has to be cooked and not instatnt and boiled ground meat . His hair was all back by four months and now 2 years latter he is healthy and eats flint river dog food.

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