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my 5 year chi started peeing on my carpets when we are gone what can do for a spray to stop her from doing this?

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There is a spray called simple soultion: "outdoor/indoor spray repellant for cats and dogs" it is a bit stinky, but goes away after a while. The dogs and cats hate it, trust me. But if the dog continues to pee, I think it would be best to maybe 1. train it or 2. you can get it a pee pad and train it to it or 3. potty train it or 4. put it somewhere out of reach of wherever you don't want them to pee and let it be a good space until you get back.

I've been using "Puppy Pads" for my Chihuahua for almost ten years. She rarely misses, and it has been the most convenient method of practicing sanitary toilet training for me. Good Luck!

I also have had great success with piddle pads. Place the pads in places that she has chosen to pee and my Precious will go on the pad over any alternative. The only time she ever has an accident is if I have forgotten to put a pad down or forgotten to change a dirty one or left it too long. The pads are reasonable at Pets Mart and Petco and the quality is good. You can get these pads also at Walmart at an unbelievable discount but take my advice on this one. You get what you pay for. The nearly 1/2 off six dollar brand at Walmart is like putting down paper towels and they leak all over your carpet or floor. There is no absorbency whatsoever. The mid range 10 to 12 dollar will stop all liquid from getting onto your floor which is the whole point in the first place right. I have not had to buy the more expensive scent infused pads but once and learned the unscented cheaper version had the same result for less. I hope this helps and really try the pads, they work! Good luck.

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