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my family is about to adopt a baby chihuahua, we also have three cats. They weren,t thrilled about any of our former dogs.I really don,t know what to do.

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some dogs enjoy playing with cats, but most cats dont enjoy dogs. they move too fast, and scare the cats. introduce them slowly, and they should do fine.

My big male cat and chihuaha play all the time. The che is also in love with one of the cats. All except our old matron cat get along well with him and he loves to play with them. The male plays back and one of the females. Mostly the cats tolerate him.

I have two Chihuahuas (one is 2yrs, the other 1.5) and I recently got a kitten.. The male pretty much adopted the cat and follows her around 24/7. The female was not as impressed and was actually kind of scared of her at first :) after a couple days they all got along really well, playing, sharing food and toys.. now they all sleep in a pile - so cute. when my first Chi was a baby I stayed at a friends house with grown cats for a bit and the cats did NOT like him because he wanted to play with them all the time. Usually they would just jump onto things he couldn't reach, so he'd sit there and wait til they came down. personally i'd be worried about the cats swatting at a baby chi too hard and smashing him into a wall, but thats a small chance anyways. i'd say get the puppy, but keep a close eye on all the interactions for a few days to make sure nobody attacks anybody else.

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