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my new 15 mos shih tzu is adorable but very strong dog smell. I have bathed her weekly, its not enough. Is this common w/this breed?

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Hi there, You're most likely bathing her too much. All breeds vary but it is advised to bath your dog once every 3 months and in between this time just wipe them down with a damp cloth. Unless, he/she is covered in mud after a walk etc. The natural oils the dog produces to help aid health skin and hair are washed away if the dog is bathed too regularly. I suggest you leave her a little longer then a week next time and see how she fairs out. If the smell persists I suggest you bring her to a vet but I really do believe that you are bathing her way too much. Best o f luck x

I bathe my shih tzu twice a week most especially now that it is summer time.. Dog smell could be contributed by dirt, dog food, or maybe genetics. You may try using Bearing Dry Shampoo in between baths. It is a powder that will help clean the dog and keep off the smell. HOpe this helps

I call that the stink beard and do a serious beard clean once a week. I bathe him about once a month so his skin doesn't dry out. sometimes if you have cats and the dog is eating to much cat food (to much protein) or food with to much crude protein they can smell too.

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