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(Maremma) (Pastore) (Abruzzese) (Cane da Pastore) (Maremmano-Abruzzese) (Cane Da Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese) (Abruzzese Shepherd Dog)The Maremma Sheepdog is a massive breed, with a bear-like head carried with a regal air. The ears are V-shaped, set well back on the head, and hang down to the level of the eye. The eyes are dark and medium sized, with an intelligent expression. The jaws are powerful and close with a scissors bite. The nose is black, although it can go pink-brown with age. The powerful chest extends down to the elbow. The hair is thick, long and harsh with a slight wave over a dense undercoat. The coat is white, with markings of ivory, light yellow, or pale orange.

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 The Maremma is not an out-going breed. It is loyal and brave, and makes an excellent guard dog – not by barking but merely by intimidation. The Maremma is not submissive, and can be reserved with the family, however members of the family are its charges, and it will be attentive with children.

Maremmas are very intelligent and learn easily. Their protective nature makes them extremely focused. After spotting something interesting out the window, they are content to remain and watch for a very long time. It is best to give proper introductions to house guest. Reassure the dog the visitor is welcome. Until the dog is absolutely sure the newcomer is not a threat to himself or family, they could take protective measures and bark or bite. When the ice is broken, the dog will generally relax and accept the house guest as a member of the family.

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23-28 inches
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66-100 pounds
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General Health

No hereditary diseases are known, but all large dogs are subject to hip dysplasia. With proper care the Maremma lives around 13 years.

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The Maremma, indigenous to Italy, is a classic European flock-guarding dog, and is believed to be a descendant of the white sheepdogs that spread across Europe over 2,000 years ago. The Karabash and Akbash sheepdogs of Turkey, the Kuvac of Slovakia, the Kuvasz and Komondor of Hungary, and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog of France are all included in its blood. There were originally two separate breeds, the Abrussese and Maremmano,  which in the 1950s were combined toe officially established a single breed, the Maremma.

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The Maremma's all-weather coat requires daily brushing. The dog is an average shedder.Ideal EnvironmentThe Maremma Sheepdog is not suited for apartment life. It needs at the very least a large yard, and with its all-weather coat can live outdoors in all seasons, provided it does not live in a very warm or humid climate. Because of its thick coat it must have plenty of shade and plenty of water to drink. The Maremma needs plenty of exercise – at least three very long walks a day are necessary, and should be let loose in secure areas to run around. The Maremma makes an ideal guard dog, and is currently being tested in protected threatened species. For example, a test made in 2006 to see if it could protect a flock of threatened penguins on Middle Island, Australia from predatory foxes and dogs proved successful.

A Maremma 'blows' their coat twice a year. This especially occurs in the spring, but may happen again in the fall. This is the time that you will need to brush with an undercoat brush. Daily brushing is not recommended, as the Maremma has natural oils in the skin to shed dirt and dust. If brushing or washing happens often, it interferes with that natural oil. A Maremma does not need long walks to be entertained. They should have a safe, secure fenced in yard, so they can move about freely. They are not overly hyper or require releases of energy. They do not do well in apartments, as these dogs were bred to have a job, being the guardian dog that they are. A Maremma is not a guard dog but a guardian dog to the flock or family.

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Ideal Environment


Maremmas are most suited to large acreage. Some behavioral problems can occur on smaller properties and in suburban areas.

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how long do maremma's live?


How do you tell the difference between Maremmas and Great Pyrenees when looking at them? We have two dogs that were found, and we were told they are Maremmas, but how can you tell?tr

Maremmas are skinnier


I have recently bought a maremma puppy to guard out horses from dog attacks, so far so good he is now 8 months old and does a great job the only thing is he barks so much, is there a way to help with the barking? during the day he is fine but as soon as the sun goes down he will bark at anythnig that moves or makes a noise, is there a method with ths breed that will help him stop barking so much?

Maremmas are supposed to is what they do to avoid an actually physical altercation with the subject of his intimidation. Unfortunately it sounds like you live on small acerage if it is annoying you. However you must remeber he is doing his job that you got him for... Please ensure you pass on to other possible buyers of Maremmas that they are only suitable to Livestock Guarding on large acerages away from people.


When I try and nurse my Maremma she cowards, runs and trys to hide , she will growl and snap at me if I attempt any kind of direct contact with ie: an antibiotic cream, treatment for fleas, ticks and mites (which is just a solution put on the shoulder blades and tail area) if she even sees me coming with a tube of anything she trys to avoid me. She has never had anything done to her that would have hurt her, one trip to the vet for her all she has ever had done. Other than that fact she won't even let us bathe her. Right now she has ear mites and I am powerless to help her...I know she is in distress..What can I do to rectify this problem and be able to help her? Taking her to the Vet would be fruitless...I doubt if we could even get her into the car...she is a powerful dog and strong willed and if she doesn't want to go she will become so aggressive that we would be forced to abandon that trip.

Let me know how you get on as I have the same problem with my maremma male neally eight years old.

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