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I became the owner of a 3 y/o AmStaff last year. Over the last year she has become kind of aggressive towards people who enter the house. Is there any way to make her more welcoming towards people who come in the house?

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There are several possible reasons for this type of behavior: 1. She is being terrirorial over your house or you. 2. She may not like the person entering your house. 3. If she has any emotional baggage she may have an inherent distrust of some people especially when they come into her home. Talk to your vet or a behaviorlist if it persists

You may want to try if possible to give a guest a treat before they enter so that they can greet her with something good. Hold her during this and try not to feel nervous or uneasy as she can feel your emotion. If she's good the reward her with praise and another treat. give her some time to adjust to some one coming in what she percieves as HER house.

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