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I have a 7 month old american staffordshire. I can not leave him alone!! I have got a cage and he broke that. I have tried to take him alone but he has broke my window out of my car. I have chained him up, But he has broke the chains. Although i know i could use a stronger chain i have been trying to avoid chainning him outside cuz we cant keep dogs outside for long periods of time where we live. What can i do, I love him very much and dont want to get rid of him but dont know what to do

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Excercise the dog MORE.... Take it to Obiedence training.... Spend The Proper amount of money for the correct dog supplies it needs or get a toy breed dog that are not so strong. American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit bull terrier are similar but are not the same. Good Luck.

You should never chain a dog outside, especially an AmStaff. Read up on positive reinforcement training & things like that. I have an American bulldog who is 3 before I got my 6mth old amstaff & the older dog was so bad. He'd run away almost everyday & didn't listen to anyone. I broke down & got him an electric collar that has a tone & shock option. I used the tone to teach him to come by using positive reinforcement, & the shock when he wouldn't listen or got out. He's been such a breeze these past few months. The puppy is learning from him. If you can't find anything else try the collar. Good luck!!

Strong training, and even more important being a strong pack leader. You might want to find someone to teach you how to do that with your AmStaff. They need a strong leader more than others.

My staff was crazy from 5months -10 months as well. At a year he really starting behaving. These dogs really need a lot of exersise and DO NOT like to be alone.

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