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I have heard a lot about these giant beautiful dogs. I have wanted a Mastiff since I was a little girl and now I have the ability to get one. Although I already have two other dogs, an American Bulldog and an American Bulldog/ Boxer mix. Before I go and get a Mastiff I would like to make sure that it is highly unlikely that he will hurt either one of my other dogs due to aggression? I know how large of a dog this is, and I am more than willing to take him to training classes and socialize with him with other people as well as animals. Will this be enough to ensure that he won't attack my two other dogs?

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I have a 2.5 year old female American bulldog (wonderful w/dogs, kids,etc) and we got our English Mastiff when he was about 10 weeks (he's now 9 months old). He was actually very, very skiddish of everything, but we just loved him and exposed him to everything and now he's turned into a very confident, somewhat independent dog. He was great with our American Bulldog, though she was jealous at first. She treats him like a little brother and loves having him around! Couldn't ask for two better dogs.

When we got our mastiff we had another mixed dog that was the same age. When we brought her home we were concerned about the same thing but after the first couple of days they were perfectly fine. We actually have more problems now, 2 years later, because if one is getting more attention they get extremely jealous. I've found that mastiffs tend to bond to one particular person, and they consider you theirs.


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