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My 1.5 YO Female Mastiff. Lola, is very dog aggressive, to the point that I have to pull her off of other dogs, and as she is VERY large, this is getting harder all the time. These other dogs belong to us; they were here before she was! We acquired her from a private breeder at 4 months of age. She seems to be worst with two of our other dogs, both of whom are very submissive and gentle. If she even catches sight of them she will bolt for them and jump on top of them. Funny thing, she doesn't actually draw blood, or seem to harm them. The only real injury was when I pulled her off once and she was being particulary stubborn; when I pulled up she did not release her grip on the other's throat and caused a small puncture. Do I have to have her put down? Except for this, she is great. No aggression whatsover to children, adults, strangers, (just the occasional stray cat, but mostly she just holds them and drools). Please help!

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I had the same problem with my Mastiff Cleo. We got her when she was 5 months old. Shes great with people and kids. She loves attention and is overly friendly at times. We also have 3 other dogs who were here before she was. About 4 months ago she badly attackedour 1 year old Doberman so we kept the Doberman in a separate enclosure to Cleo. Then 2months later she did the same thing to our boxer who is now kept with our Doberman. We think she was on heat when she attacked our boxer but the vet said that sometimes they can becomevery dominant and since we have four females all living together we should keep two and two together so now Cleo is enclosed with our Dalmatianand our boxer and Doberman are together as well and since then we have had no more fights. This way they wont fight because is will be one on one!Hope this helps but theres definitely no need to put her down. Theres always away around a problem. Good luck.

Seek help from a professional trainer ASAP! It's not too late to change this behavior, but it sounds like she's getting out of control.

Please, please, please do not put the dog down. Get her professionally trained. She is not to old to be retrained, you can correct this behavior. They are the best dogs but need a very strong trainer/handler, if you are unable to do it yourself please seek outside help. How can you put a dog down for doing something that they don't know is wrong.

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