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My 10 week male mastiff is "fluffy" and I was told he was brindle. However, there is no evidence of stripes, and he has become lighter. He has a full black mask, the undercoat is fawn with black tips. He has lost some of the fluffieness on his back. He and his sister were the only two in the litter to look this way. The others were fawn and apricot. Is this normal? Will he develope a brindle coat or turn fawn? What is silver? Help! I'm a new mastiff owner and my vet is stumped!

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Silver is like a dark blue, almost black. The coat should turn fawn or brindle by the time he is a few months old. I'm sure. Trust me. This could happen. It's perfectly normal.

My mastiff is "silver" and black. The silver in the mastiff breed just means that it's lighter than the fawn. We know a couple from training that had a fawn and ours was much lighter. Most of his litter mates were fawn, there were only 2 that were silver. We got him at 8 weeks, and he was kind of fluffy with puppy hair...he is 9 months now and still soft and fluffy in spots,but mostly puppy hair is gone.

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