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My 2 year old female Akita bites other dogs of all sizes without warning. Each time is always different too. She never goes after the dogs and sometimes she has no problems, but sometimes she does. I can't read her at all- any suggestions to help her get along better with other dogs?

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I find that my akita reads other dogs faster than I do and reacts very strongly to any feeling of excitement or dominance in the other dog. Akitas don't broadcast their intentions in the way that some other breeds do. So, while I don't have a lot of trouble with my guy because we've worked hard on training and socializing, he won't give me much warning if he is going to do something. What I watch for is his level of interest in another dog. I watch for his head to come up a little bit and his ears to prick more. I also don't wait until he starts to move. If I feel he might jump another dog, I correct him and make him move on. I don't walk him off leash unless I know what we'll run into.

2 years old hmm maybe its too late, my akita does the same he kills other dogs/cats Most of the times..its because when she was young she didnt had other dogs or animals around her

Both of my Akitas were not socialized with other dogs, and both randomly attacked other dogs.nouj

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