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Why does my 6yr old male amstaff still have energy of a 1yr old? For the most part this is not a problem, but on occasion this type of behavior gets out of hand. What is the cause of this? I'm glad that he doesn't show signs of getting old, but is this normal for this type of breed? Both my boyfriend and I have full-time jobs and Bruiser is left home alone. When we get home he runs laps around the basement and it takes a couple of minutes to calm him down. What can I do to control this hyper behavior?

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Regular long runs are necessary. These dogs are all muscle. Imagine being forced to live in a little 6X6 foot room, that's what a house is for a dog of this type. They need lots of exercise.

This Type of energy is Normal. If for what ever reason He does not have this energy and hasnt been excercised then dats when you should worry. Just take time to excercise him or let him run at the dog park and use up all his energy

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