Photo How much should my 3 month old female mastiff weigh?

I would think around 20-25lbs. If your worried about her not being big, it's probably still to early to tell. A good comparision age is around 7- 10 months.

Photo How much should they weigh around 7 -8 months?

75-100lbs depending on her breed line. Some dogs are the exception and weigh less.

Photo My 5 month old Mastiff gets along well with my poodle but when on a leash at the pet store seems to

You dog may be nervous of strange dogs and many dogs feel the best defence is a good offence . in other ways if I act this way they will stay away . correct this behaviour , make him sit at heal when

Photo My female mastiff is 31 pounds and is 12 weeks old. Does this indicate that she will be a large fema

yes it will, very large

Photo My 10 week male mastiff is "fluffy" and I was told he was brindle. However, there is no evidence of

Silver is like a dark blue, almost black. The coat should turn fawn or brindle by the time he is a few months old. I'm sure. Trust me. This could happen. It's perfectly normal.

Photo My Male Mastiff is 165lbs at 10 months how much longer do you think he will continue to grow

A good sort of indication of a mastiff reaching the end of their peak growth rate is when their chest begins to protrude.

Photo at what age should my mastiff stop growing in height.......his parents were very tall and he is 12 m

Your mastiff will continue to grow until he is 3 years. He has most likely reached his full height, but will now fill out. If you can clearly see his ribs, feed more food. If you have a hard time feel

Photo My 1.5 YO Female Mastiff. Lola, is very dog aggressive, to the point that I have to pull her off of

I had the same problem with my Mastiff Cleo. We got her when she was 5 months old. Shes great with people and kids. She loves attention and is overly friendly at times. We also have 3 other dogs who w

Photo How much should my 5 month old english matiff weigh?

I have a 61/2 month old that is weighing 110

Photo I have a 12 week old brindle female, however, there is a small white patch on two toes of both her h

No it's not a major fault. Not all, but alot of brindles have white patches. Where you describe the white patches and w/ her age her white patches may fade as she matures. I have a brindle girl and

Photo My female mastiff is almost 7 months old and weighs about 80lbs. Is she going to be smaller?

It is hard to tell, but that seems small. I have a 4 month old female that is 70 pounds

Photo I have a soon to be 5 year old brindle english mastiff female. She is wonderful of course but i am h

You proably need to either change her diet to one that has the omega3 supplements in it or get the supplement from you Vet to add to her current diet you may also want to try shed stop it also works p

Photo I have a 9 wk old Black / Tan Mastiff both parents were Apricot has anyone else ever had this happen

Black and Tan as in a brindle or Black and Tan like a Rottie or Pincher. If it is the second one I would guess the female found a new lover.

Photo I weighed my 4 month old female mastiff yesterday (18 weeks) and she is 70 pounds already. From diff

That does sound like a huge jump in weight, but it's no indication she will mature as large as a male. Some lines grow quickly then stop at 1.5 yrs and some grow more slowly over a longer period of t

Photo I have an amazing 8.5 month English Mastiff. At what age does a female go into heat?

My females all started coming in around 11 months of age. DON'T breed her yet! She is still growing and is just a baby herself. Wait till she is at least 20 months before breeding her.

Photo My family is looking into a 4 year old female English Mastiff, her current family is leaving the cou

Mastiffs are very willing to please their people. She will no doubt have seperation anxiety from being seperated from her current family, but w/ alot of love and praise I would bet that she will hous

Photo We are talking to a breeder now and are getting ready to get our first mastiff(s). We have had grey

I can't truly tell you what it is like to have 2 mastiffs. I only have 1 (5 months old) and another dog thats about 100 pounds. I would love to have 2 of them though. She is so sweet and one of the be

Photo Im looking into adopting an English Mastiff who is 21 months old and only 165lbs. Do you think this

Most large breed dogs reach their top height by 18 months of age. They don't normally put on the weight they will be until 3 years of age.

Photo hi there i have a gorgeous 12 week old little boy english mastiff puppy well not so little i am slig

I don't think it is a problem, my mastiff got a little darker as he got older, he is fawn, Unless you are wanting a show dog i really dont think that the darkening of colors matter that much

Photo My English Mastiff that we saved is 1 year old and weighs 116 pounds, is that good. He's gained 20 i

As long as you can feel his last 2-3 ribs under his skind he is fine. If you see more ribs while he is just walking around, he is underweight. If you do not see 2-3 ribs when he moves he is overweight

Photo My wife wants to get a Mastiff and I would like to get a Husky. Would this be a problem to get both?

I think that is a good idea to get both, however you should reasurch each breed before you get them, although the husky may have more energy than the mastiff. I have a mastiff and a whimerwiner and t

Photo We have a 9 month old nuetered male mastiff. He is very energetic. He acts more like a lab puppy t

the mastiff breed really doesn't mellow out until they reach full maturaty. which is at 24 months plus a little time depending on the dog. mine just hit 2 years and he is calming down fairly quickly.

Photo we may get a 2yo male who isn't neutered yet. what kind of problems might this present? we will ne
Photo my mastiff is 6 months(female) what is the average size for this age.

My female is 7 months and weighs in at 83 pounds. The vet said she is in perfect condition.

Photo My mastiff is 1 1/2 yrs. old. She is not gaining weight. We brought her to the vet and they suggeste

My sister was actually having the same problem with her male mastiff. We found that it is better to feed her animal Lard. Don't get that mixed up with Vegetable grease they use to fry foods though, th

Photo at what age could a female mastiff become pregnant?
Photo I have a new female mastiff puppy born on Sept 27th, 2008. I was wondering if there is any truth to

my male mastiff was also born on sept 27, 08, bought from islands west mastiffs ladysmith. i was just told by my vet that when you neuder or spade it acctually make s them grow bigger. it also stops a

Photo my 9 month old female english mastiff puppy is 29" tall how tall will she be?

Avg Size of Female: Height: 27.5 Weight: 175-190 Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee

Photo My 5-month old english mastiff puppy is only 29 pounds...we are increasing her food from 2 cups a da

I don't know how long ago you posted this, but the best food that you can buy at this point is Eagle Pack Holistic Puppy Giant Breed Formula. Mine just turned 5 months and weighs about 60 lbs. She's

Photo I just bought an English Mastiff puppy turned 8 weeks on April 12th. I was just told he has PPM but
Photo We have a 5 year old male english mastiff. And we have put ads in for studding.I had put he is AKC r
Photo My mastiff is around 7 months, and I must say that he is the smartest dog I have ever had, I have re

over the entire day, no that not too much .Just dont walk him that much at one time , straight line walking and playing is best for now after about 18m. let them do what ever they want. Best exersize

Photo i have a 4 yo female who had a litter of 6 on may 31!! she has stopped nursing them and tends to sna
Photo At what age should my mastiffs testicles drop? He is 3 months old now.
Photo How much shoulrld I be feeding my 17 month old mastiff male?

I have a 2 year old female mastiff and always leave food down for her. I put her food in a large bowl and place it on a dog food lift. This allows her to eat as she wants and in return she gets le

Photo Is it normal for my 3 month old female to growl at stangers that come into the house? After I say i

If I were you, I'd be relieved to know your English Mastiff is doing exactly what her ancient instincts are telling her to do. English Mastiff's have a great history of being the large guardian dog.

Photo I have a 10 or 11 month old male and I regularly have about 15 people over at my house throughout th

My mastiff is the same way. It's natural for them to be friendly but if someone comes up they will try to guard their territory. I wouldn't be alarmed. They won't bite usually. They are great guard do

Photo My 9 1/2 years old English Mastiff could not get up on her own any more. She has severe hip arthriti
Photo My 7-month-old English Mastiff weighs about 65 pounds. Is this average for her age? My vet told me

My female ranged between 165 and 200 lbs. They are not full grown until 2-3 years old.

Photo I have a 1.5 year old male and was wondering how much he should be getting food wise to keep him hea
Photo I have a dog crossbreed of mastiff and saint bernard, his balls getting big, what is the cause of th

Is he 1 year or 3 years yet?If not, then its okay.While he grows mentally, he will grow physically too.So obviously, his balls would grow bigger. Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee

Photo my 18 month old male english mastiff is showing signs of aggresion toward small dogs and people.he w

Is your dog neutered, if not, ou might consider doing so. Also it is very helpful to take your dog to the dog park(after he is neutered) this will socilize him with other dogs and people.

Photo How old is a bitch when she comes into heat the first time?

at 8 months old.

Photo I rescued an english mastiff male puppy 2 months ago. When I brought him home he was severely emaci

I was in a similar situation when I rescued my mastiff, although she was 1 year old when we got her. When I talked to my vet about her gaining weight he said as long as you are feeding her a good kin

Photo I have heard a lot about these giant beautiful dogs. I have wanted a Mastiff since I was a little gi

I have a 2.5 year old female American bulldog (wonderful w/dogs, kids,etc) and we got our English Mastiff when he was about 10 weeks (he's now 9 months old). He was actually very, very skiddish of eve

Photo We are "baby sitting" my son's English Mastiff while he is deployed overseas. This is not

Sometimes my mastiff will do the same when someone pets her. It is her way of giving "kisses". We discovered this when she did it to me and I let it go to see exactly what her point was.

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