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are akitas good with other peoples kids if raised with kids?

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Akitas are very protective and loving towards children that it frequently sees (family members, or friends that come by often), but are usually wary of strange children. With my Akita, we made sure that she met as many people as she could as a puppy, by bringing her to a Walmart parking lot, and by the time she was an adult, she was fairly welcoming of strangers.Remember however, never leave an Akita alone with kids, because they are known for 'biting back,' figuratively and literally.

Yes, but they might not do too well with cats,unless they were raised with them since puppyhood.

If the Akita Inu has not seen the kids before, it will be quite wary as they will not accept them as members of the pack. However, if the Akita Inu has been raised with children, the circumstances will be much better.

All the answers (and books) suggest that they are good with their own family, but not with strangers. Other peoples kids are other people too, and not their own family. The short answer is "No."

They have to be socialized because both my Akitas love people. I take them to various places to experience different environments. I have seen some aggressive akitas but only when they are left outside unattended.

How an Akita is with other people and children has more to do with the dog's overall socialization then whether he was raised with kids. As a puppy, an Akita should be exposed to all types of people, especially children, and learn proper interaction. This does not mean seeing people at the occassional dinner party, but rather daily walks, trips to the park, trips to friends houses, etc. This is a fantastic breed, but these dogs require a real time commitment from the owners. I live in NYC with 2 Akitas, and they have learned how to interact with people from all walks of life. They are still guard dogs, and at night are far less friendly during the day. With kids, I trust one of my dogs completely - but I have had to remind parents that not all dogs are "kid-friendly" (no lie - I have a 130 pound akita and a 70 pound akita, and have had 4 and 5 year old children run screaming at my dogs from behind and slapping him in the head while the parents watched from behind). Take a proactive role in training and exposing your Akita to as many people and dogs while they are young and continue the exposure throughout their lives, and I guarantee you that will be an AMAZING dog.

If they are socialized with respectful kids then they should be fine.

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