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at what age should my mastiff stop growing in height.......his parents were very tall and he is 12 months and 28 3/4 inch tall, he weights about 150-175 lbs..........what should he weigh at this stage......

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Your mastiff will continue to grow until he is 3 years. He has most likely reached his full height, but will now fill out. If you can clearly see his ribs, feed more food. If you have a hard time feeling his ribs, cut back. You should be able feel them with relative ease, but not see them. His weight should be relative to his height.

Most mastiffs stop growing in height around 2 y/o, but I had a female that grew taller until around 4 y/o

My boy was 32 inches at 12 months old. He is now 21 months old and 34 inches tall.

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