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my 7month old boy amstaff, as started not to come back to me when he dosent want to, if he is on his own with no other dogs around, he will sometimes listen to me and come back to me when i call him to recieve his treat, but when we are at the dog park he will not come back to me till he is ready, it seems to be getting worse now. he is also not happy to be approached by strangers, he does listen when we ask him to sit,stay,roll over, heel , he is fantastic with the kids but the not coming back when i call him is my only problem, has anyone else had this problem???

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I think he is in puberty, this is the time to be even more persistent in general obedience, and be more stubborn then he is. It is more interesting for him to play with others then to come back to you, so maybe when you are alone somewhere start to call him from time to time and give him treats when he comes, or his favorite toy. He will start connecting his name and you to something pleasant

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