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my family is 3 children (9 13 and 18) and mother and father. we have an appartment with a balcony and a big parc at the end of our street. we think about taking a akita but we aren't sure. is this enviornment ok for Akitas?

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No the apartment will not be large enough. The dog needs alot of space due to their large space. In addition they shed for almost a month excessively.

I have an akita, hes 8 months old. As well as i live in a one bedroom apartment. My little man is very happy and well behaved in the house. We do take him on dialy walks and to the dog park on a regular basis. Im sure if you walk him several times a day you'd have no problem.

An Akita will adjust well to just about any housing situation as long as it is with his/her family. Take precautions to close in the balcony so the puppy will not go through bars or over them - walk him daily for potty breaks and brush regularly and you will not have many problems.

Just for any people still curious about this breed I thought I'd just inform about mine. My male Akita is 10 months old now....he weighs about 86 lbs. I DO live in an apartment with him which i nearly reccomend if there are lots of dogs around. I would say socializing him has been wonderful for the breed, he is extremely friendly and playful with everyone....but is alert as a guard dog. He does not need more than a daily walk and has been free roaming my house since 5 months old, and has been very obedient. He blew his coat first time though, its been about 4 weeks of it now and its intense....I take him to groomers as well as use a Furminator.

My akita is big, 28 inches and 120 lbs, but I find that he can fit himself into any space he needs to. I take him all over the place with me and am amazed about how well he stays out from under foot. He needs at least one good walk a day, but would be totally fine in an apartment.

Please note that Akitas have tons of fur that sheds everywhere. I actually had to take a hand vacuum to her daily, because there were furballs rolling around my house like tumbleweeds!

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