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(Mini Aussie Bulldog) The Miniature Australian Bulldog has a strong body, solid and compact.  The head is described as a "box on a box," the box of the muzzle being attached to the box of the head. The head therefore should be very strong, and square. The eyes should be set wide apart, above a wide muzzle, and from one to three folds of wrinkles across the nose.  The nostrils should be large, and open.  The mouth can be up to a quarter- inch undershot, but breeders are attempting to bring that to a near level bite.  The teeth should be closely spaced, not scattered within the mouth.  The neck should have an arch, the chest should be broad and deep. The forearms should be set wide apart, with a slight shoulder angulation. The back, or "top line" should be level.  The hindquarters should be muscular, with hocks that are not straight, but rather moderately bent. The tail is either long or in screw.  Their feet resemble those of a cat, with rounded toes and hard pads. The preferred coat is short and smooth, not thick or rough. Coat colors can be in shades of fawn, apricot, orange, red, mahogany, white, as well as at least 5 shades of brindle including red, fawn, black, mahogany and silver. They can also come in a pied color. Females should have a long body, as this typically makes it easier for them to whelp.  

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The Miniature Australian Bulldog is an intelligent breed, loyal to its owner, and friendly and affectionate with children. They are outgoing and love to play, and swim. They make good watchdogs - although are not so good as guard dogs, due to their size. Obedience training is recommended.

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14 inches
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30 pounds
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General Health

Breeders are making an effort to breed out the hereditary diseases that afflict other bulldog breeds, but whether they are completely successful remains to be seen.

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In 1997, in an effort to create a healthier version of the English Bulldog, breeders Mrs. Pip Nobes and Mrs. Lee‑ann Milton began to take full-sized Australian Bulldogs and crossing them with the Pug and French Bulldog.

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Comb and brush the coat on a regular basis. Bathe only when necessary. Wipe the face with a damp cloth every day to clean inside the wrinkles. This breed is an average shedder.

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Ideal Environment

This breed is an indoor dog, and should not be left outside all day in a kennel. They do best in temperate climates – the breed chills easily in cold weather, and has trouble cooling off in very hot weather.

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I was wondering if cherry eye is hereditry? If so can it be passed down from grandparents to?

Certain lines do seem more susceptible to this than others however it is usually breed types that suffer the most. But not all pups will suffer from the same degree and it depends on environmental factors that may initially irritate the eye also. It can usually be fixed by a competent vet with two operations(one for each eye if presented early on)


I've been looking to get a feel about the price of a miniature Australian Bulldog. What is the general price range, and is this breed common enough to find easily across the US?

Hi the average price in australia is $1350- $1500.

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