Photo how much do miniature fox terriers usually weigh and cost?

Fox terriers should weigh less than 12 lb and some could cost $250

Photo I have a Mini Fox-Chiuauha mix and she has been in heat for THREE months... How is this POSSIBLE for
Photo how old does a miniature fox terrier female have to be before you can breed from her?

Ideally at least 2 and a half years old

Photo I have a min fox and he is always shaking like he is nervous and he has now developed a rash and scr

Your dog may also have other allergies such as food - you should see your Vet for a diagnosis - medication is now readily available to relieve most allergy symptoms

Photo I have a min fox and he is always shaking like he is nervous and he has now developed a rash and scr

My litlle Oreo 'toy fox' was in bad shape when I got him a ring of missing fur and hot pink skin it and a crazy amount of fleas! But I got him some skin care from petco ":Hartz hydrocotisone spra

Photo I have justed adopted a mini fox terrier mix? He is 2 years old in great health. He only has a spur

I had a similar situation where I adopted a 3 year old mini fox. He slept when he first got to my apartment and was a pretty calm dog. But eventually came around. We are in a training class now and he

Photo i am considering getting a mini foxi, he is 4 months old. i live in an apartment and work from 9am-5

It wouldn't be fair to a pet to leave him in the house or apartment all day without companionship. Dogs are social creatures and need family or pack around them. How would we feel if we were left al

Photo Do the toy foxes like to swim?
Photo I am thinking about getting a miniature fox terrier. Is it o.k. if it stays in the backyard from 8:1

no, its not safe for it to be alone like that outside, like all small prey it can be taken by a hawk or an animal thats loose with rabies, you never know what can appear in your yard at any time

Photo I recently adopted a great little dog which ,after some research believe is a miniature fox terrier.

google "dog dna test kit". this can tell you your dog's ancestry, and other useful info.

Photo I have a Adult male mini fox terrier, he shed's a lot of hair, How can i deal with this?

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