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i am considering getting a mini foxi, he is 4 months old. i live in an apartment and work from 9am-5pm so he would be left alone inside. i would walk him in the morning before work and after work but worried about leaving him alone all day... any thoughts??

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It wouldn't be fair to a pet to leave him in the house or apartment all day without companionship. Dogs are social creatures and need family or pack around them. How would we feel if we were left alone for 9-10 hours a day everyday with only two 30 minute walks per day to keep our bodies and minds stimulated.

My mini fox did just fine left alone in my apartment while I was at work. She loved to sit in the window (I bought her a cat perch) and watch the people and cars going by. I would also take her for a walk before and after work, and be sure to give her plenty of attention on the weekends. You have to work, it's a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you can't have a pet. Just take good care of it.

Its better to have two dogs and a few toys. Otherwise they either get depressed or rip your appartment appart! My dogs dont lke to see me go but they are very excited to see me return. They arnt destructive either.

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