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My husband takes our 4.5 year old minpin for a 10 km jog every sunday morning. The dog is extremely happy doing it (sometimes he runs way ahead and comes leaping back), although when he reaches home, he sleeps through the day. We want to know if the long run is alright for the dog. Hope we are not over exercising him?

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I think it's too long, especially if all he ever does is sleep.

I think if the dog is ahead of him near the end, he's probably fine. They have a lot of energy and love exercise. Mine is fast! When I take my dogs out to rollerblade (also around 4 yrs old), I can tell when my little one is tired because he lags behind and I have to slow down.

I run up to 12 k with my minpin and he loves it. he would not leave me at home and the vet says he is in excellent shape. He sleeps whenever something isn´t going on but he is up and ready to go when something interesting is going on.

no its fine now he will be skinny

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