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(Caniche) The Miniature Poodle has a long head, with long, wide pendant ears that lie close to its face, framing  eyes of black or brown, which have a lively expression. The head is set on a solid, slightly arched neck. The legs seem to be long for the body, while the feet are small, and oval, with arched, webbed toes. The tail is set high, and is docked to half its length. (Puppy mills dock the tail to short.) The poodle comes in a variety of solid colors: black, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, red, white or brown, and is either curly or corded. There are three basic grooming styles for the poodle: the "pet" or "puppy" clip, with relatively short hair all over the body, the "Continental" which is the most popular: the face, throat, feet and part of hte tail are shaved, as are the upper halves of the legs. Pompoms are left around the ankles. "Rosettes" are also left over the hips.  The "English saddle" clip is almost the same as the Continental, except that the hindquarters are not shaved in their entirety. This clip is rarely used.  

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Poodles also come in a variety of parti colors, tuxedo coat and a phantom coat. The phantom and tuxedo coats are also parti coats as they are two colored. Some Poodles may b e merle in color. The AKC does not allow parti colors in the conformation ring but they are registered and can compete in all other AKC events. The UKC now allows parti coats in conformation.

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The Miniature Poodle is an intelligent and cheerful breed, and very amenable to training. They are also very companionable and sensitive, and  will feel hurt if they are not included in family activities. Temperaments vary when it comes to children - some are outgoing and some are reserved – therefore they will need to be socialized at an early age. They are barkers, and thus make good watchdogs, however they are not aggressive. They are amenable to other dogs, as well as non-canine pets.

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11-15 inches
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 15-17 pounds
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General Health

The Miniature Poodle has a tendency toward many genetic diseases. As far as eyes are concerned, cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy are dangers. Diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease, and Immunde Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) are dangers. Allergies and skin conditions afflict a goodly number. Healthy poodles can live between 12 to 15 years.

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The Poodle as a breed has been known throughout Western Europe for over 400 years, and is generally accepted to have been developed in France, although Germany and Denmark have also claimed the honor. The breed is descended from a now nearly-extinct French water dog called the Barbet, as well as the Hungarian Water Hound. The name itself is thought to derive from the German word "Pudel" - one who plays in water. The Poodle was used as a gun dog and retriever of waterfowl. Because they were supposed to swim, hunters clipped the thick coat short, but left hair on the leg joints to protect them from extreme cold and sharp reeds, which explains that "Continental" style.

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The pet clip is easy to maintain - clip every six to eight weeks. Check te ears regularly for mites, and pull out excessive ear hair. Bathing should occur on a regular basis, and the teeth will need scaling on a regular basis. If the dog has a showclip, extensive grooming is necessary. Poodles are good for allergy sufferers, ans they shed little to no hair.

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Ideal Environment

The Miniature Poodle is suited to apartment life, and will not pine for a yard. However, they love to swim and to go for long walks.

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Miniature Poodle Q&A

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Is there a such thing as a country poodle??

Not that i know of but there could be...


Is it normal for 6mts minature to jump at every loud strange sound what can i do to stop the JITTERS?

often referred to as the puppy fear stage...more information can be found through a google search


can a miniture poodle swim and if so at what age?

poodle are dogs that have been bred for hunting and they are water dogs that why their fur is the way it is and they get the hair cuts the way they do. Usually once your dog gets a little older and isnt scared or affraid of water he will just go in a swim. But if you want your dog to swim, you can get in the water and get someone to give you the dog and then put the dog in the water and because they will sink or swim the will swim and if not you are always there. But most dogs can just swim... maybe not the best but they can


My question: How do bad teeth effect a dog's health and is there anything that can be done to help keep the remaining teeth. I rescued a mini poodle that had 16 teeth extracted yesterday. Will he have more energy now?

just like oral heath of a human it is the same thing. I think that it wont give him more energy but it will help his over all health. I do believe that you can now get brush and tooth paste that is made for dogs that you can clean his remainding teeth with and i sure that will help oral health. You can also let his chew on chew toys which will help remove tar and plack. But you should see your vet and i am sure they can give you great points and maybe some medication.


Do french poodles live inside or outside of the house when its a 3 month old pup?????

probably not, just because it is still so young at 3 months


I am getting a miniture poodle in a few weeks, is it ok for my poodle to sleep outside in a warm insulated kennel? it will be allowed in during the day until bedtime?

if you are bring your dog home it will probably be very scared and the last thing it wants is to be away from the family at night. I did try and make my dog sleep in a kennel when we first brought him home and he was very upset and wouldn't sleep so we eventually gave in and let him sleep in the family room. But i would give it a shot and if you have the will power to leave him out there, and he WILL cry and scratch and try and get out for a long time, it is a good thing for them because it gives the dog down time.

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