Photo Is there a such thing as a country poodle??

Not that i know of but there could be...

Photo Is it normal for 6mts minature to jump at every loud strange sound what can i do to stop the JITTERS

often referred to as the puppy fear stage...more information can be found through a google search

Photo can a miniture poodle swim and if so at what age?

poodle are dogs that have been bred for hunting and they are water dogs that why their fur is the way it is and they get the hair cuts the way they do. Usually once your dog gets a little older and is

Photo My question: How do bad teeth effect a dog's health and is there anything that can be done to help k

just like oral heath of a human it is the same thing. I think that it wont give him more energy but it will help his over all health. I do believe that you can now get brush and tooth paste that is m

Photo Do french poodles live inside or outside of the house when its a 3 month old pup?????

probably not, just because it is still so young at 3 months

Photo I am getting a miniture poodle in a few weeks, is it ok for my poodle to sleep outside in a warm ins

if you are bring your dog home it will probably be very scared and the last thing it wants is to be away from the family at night. I did try and make my dog sleep in a kennel when we first brought him

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