Photo How do I train my Mountain Cur to be obedient? I want him to come when called, sit, and not jump on

Your dog has to see you as the dominate figure in his life. If he doesn`t he will basically do whatever he wants. Your dog seems to have a lot of extra energy so you might want to increase his exer

Photo I just got a 6 month old mountain cur pup and i want to start training him to hunt and tree squirrel

well I'm a coon hunter so i might be giving bad advice but what a few good things are get him familiar with the a hide something to play with and chew on them show him a real live squirre

Photo I just got a mountain cur puppy, and he's awfully silent. He won't even bark at people when they ar

Yes, they are extremely quiet dogs. More like a cat, right? Love mine.

Photo There is a mountain cur mix at the shelter where I work .. I love this dog and admit I cried when sh

I totally disagree with this site on the Mountain Curs' ideal environment, as well as any other site with this opinion. I myself keep a wonderful female Mountain Cur in a small home for going on 9 yea

Photo What is the best thing to do with Mountain Cur skin irritations? Our boy is constantly biting, lick

I have never owned that breed, but I'm guessing he is allergic to something. Probably his food. Food with corn in it is irritating to many animals. I suggest a holistic/premium food.

Photo I adopted a dog a few months ago and the dog pound didn't know what breed she was. I did some resear

Your image isn't coming up. So I can't tell from the looks. Brindle shows up in many dog breeds and now is overly used as a "cur mix" indicator. bully breeds grey hounds, great danes, mas

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