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Are Mountain Feist likely to run away??

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they are so loyal I doubt it. My husband hunts our Mt. Feist. He goes away from him & always comes back!

Our Feist is not an "escape artist". However, she did run away from home is how we go her. Fortunately (for her and for us) her owners did not look for her, call the shelter where we registered her as a "found dog", or put up signs say "lost dog". HOWEVER, these are hunting dogs and they have very good senses of smell. I have seen our feist dig beetle larvae out of the ground - that were inches below the surface. Because of that - if she were to find herself loose, I have no doubt that she would just follow her nose from one thing to another, totally losing track of where she is.

no, he has such hunting instincts. we carry him to our camp on the river, and he stays within about a 200yd radius. walk your dog in your area, and he can always find his way home.

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