Photo I do not have any kids yet but am thinking about children in the next year or so. How is the Feist

I have 3 children this pup is 4 months and very loyal to them. She follows them and is always with them. Excellent with children.

Photo Would a Feist dog make a good Moutain biking tag alone dog on the trail with me?

I would think so as they are active always ready for fun!

Photo I am planning on buying a dog but I am not sure if this dog would be good to raise in a City Apartme

Short answer: NO. This dog needs substantial daily runs to work off energy. We have a large fenced yard which may be enough, but we take our dogs to a free-run dog park everyday where she gets the exe

Photo Are Mountain Feist likely to run away??

they are so loyal I doubt it. My husband hunts our Mt. Feist. He goes away from him & always comes back!

Photo Are Mountain Feist likely to run away??

Our Feist is not an "escape artist". However, she did run away from home is how we go her. Fortunately (for her and for us) her owners did not look for her, call the shelter where we registe

Photo Are Mountain Feist likely to run away??

my three year old fiest has never given any trouble with running away or not coming when called she was very easy to house trian and has been a delight to have in our home

Photo My husband and I were originally hoping for a Jack Russell terrier, but upon finding out that my bel

I have both a Fiest and a Siamese cat and they get along fine.At times the Fiest may get a bit too ruff.You might be suprise that my Fiest is faster then my cat in both speed and reaction.

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