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The Mountain View Cur resembles a hound. They run from a light blond to a rich dark yellow in color, although some are brindle, all black, or black and brindle. Almost all will have white points on their chest, feet, and/or muzzle. The coat can be either smooth or rough, with a soft fine undercoat. Mountain View Curs have a domed head, wide between the eyes, and short to medium ears set high on the head. The eyes are dark, prominent, and expressive. The body is deep chested, the back straight. Many curs are born with bobtails, the others are docked.  The feet are of the "cat-paw" type. Pups born with dewclaws should have them removed.

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The Mountain View Cur is an American breed, bred in Kentucky for hunting raccoon and squirrel. They are a very intelligent breed, with excellent nose and self-control, and are being tried out as search and rescue, drug control, and law enforcement dogs as well. The Cur is courageous and loyal, eager to please, and loves children. They are protective of family and property.

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18-26 inches
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30-60 pounds
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General Health

The Mountain View Cur is a healthy breed. No genetic illnesses are known. Properly cared for, they live from 12 to 16 years.

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The Mountain View Curs are named after the kennel (Mountain View) of their original breeders - Michael and Marie Bloodgood, who developed the breed in the late 1980s. Their intent was to create curs that could hunt, but would handle better than hounds. "Cur" is defined as a dog of unknown origin - but since the Mountain View Cur does have a known origin, there's a movement afoot to change the name.

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The Mountain View Cur has a short coat, so only an infrequent combing is necessary to remove dead hair. Keep the toenails clipped, and bathe only when necessary.

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Ideal Environment

The Mountain View Cur is not suitable for apartment life. They are bred for hunting, and therefore need a lot of daily exercise. Outdoor activities and sports will keep them happy if you don't take them hunting.

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What is the difference between the blaack mouth cur and the mountain view cur and which is the better hunter?

Mountain View Cur is pictured here on this site. Black mouth cur is the type of dog used in the old Disney movie "Old Yeller". The black mouth is a bit larger I believe and reminds me more of a boxer type of dog in the face. From what I know, I would think the Mountain View Cur would be the better hunter, since they are bred for it. I don't know much of the Black Mouth Cur's, but I own a Mountain View Cur and although I don't personally hunt, she has the instincts to do so and she goes crazy when she see's a squirrel.


Is there a rescue that works only with the Mountain View Cur?

The founders Michael & Marie Bloodgood at Mountain View Kennel, LLC. in Bonnieville, KY, who still breeding them, have a Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee and have and will always help re-home any Mountain View Curs produced by any authorized Mountain View Cur Association, \'MVCA\' breeder. With a 99.5% satisfaction rate, there has been very few MVC\'s in need of a new home.

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