Photo I have a sled dog team of 4 pampered huskies. Does a NAID like running? Where would I find them an

Yes, they love running. Some of the bloodlines in my kennel are from dogs that have successfully mushed in competition. At this time the breeders take back their own animals so you will rarely find t

Photo We just got our Native American Indian Dog and we have not heard him bark or make any sound yet. Is

NAID dogs are relatively quiet and generally do not bark. They are NOT watch dogs and will not stop a intruder.

Photo What do Native American Indian Dogs eat?

As a breeder of these dogs, I advise a good quality Kibble with meat being the first ingredient.

Photo Do you need a permit to own one of these magnificent animals NAID

No permit is needed, they are just a dog.

Photo How can you tell the difference between a NAID and a Sibeian Husky?

depending on who the parents of the NAID is, it will look different. some look just like a husky and without knowing, you could guess that it was purebred and be wrong. but many of the naids have diff

Photo Are native american dogs native to america, or did native ameriacan people bring them from siberia?

Native Americans have originated from all over the world, there were indians in america before the british arrived, so that in itself tells you that, no they did not bring them over with them as they

Photo I have a dog I rescued that is husky looking but has webbed paws. Could this be a NAID? Huskys do

Siberian huskies do not have webbed paws and if it did not fit the breed description of a husky it could be an NAID

Photo what was the NAID used for long ago and why?

the original NAIDs (NAIDs being sold today are only a recreation of the breed not the original) were used for many different things: protecting the camp (this is not a trait of todays NAIDs, they are

Photo I have a full grown male cat who is fine with dogs unless they bother him. I am wondering if it is p

Sure you can, it doesn't matter the age of the cat, just as long as the NAID is a puppy when it's introduced to cats.

Photo I was reading above and it says they aren't wolves but a combination of Shepherd, Husky, Malamute an

yes the chinook is a tan/black dog that originated in my state, New Hampshire. recently it actually became the state dog. they are very pretty and strong, often used in dog sledding. there is actuall

Photo Hi, I live in Belgium, do you think that it is possible to have a NAID here and what about the law a

i doubt it. sorry, they are such an amazing breed! you might be able to have one shipped to you, but you must remember that a long trip like that to belgium may traumatize a dog, especially the NAID b

Photo I have read that these dogs are "hypoallergenic". Is this true? What exactly makes them co

These dogs are typically considered hypoallergenic because they have very minimal shedding and little dandruff. I have bad allergies and have had a poodle and miniature schnauzers. Both were great for

Photo I have allergies that are triggred to animal hair and I want to know if the Native American Native d

I also have allergies to most dog hair especially wire hairs. I contacted the breeder before buying and they gave me the option to have a sample of the hair before i paid for the dog. I love my NAID.

Photo Hello: Will you please be more specific as to who introduced the wolf hybrid blood. Are you the fou
Photo I am curious about the wolf blood in the NAID. The breeders today state that there is no wolf blood

just to answer above a little, the founder did get in trouble for mixing wolf hybrid dogs in with her Naid stock years ago its visible on wikipedia. i think all wolf hybrids were removed since and now

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