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The Nebolish Mastiff is a large dog that has a similar appearance to many other Mastiffs.  A large head starts off this adorable dog and from it stretches their long muzzle with loose lips which hang down slightly past their mouth.  The dog’s eyes are small compared to the rest of their head are almond shaped.  Large floppy ears hang down on the side of their head and look similar to natural Great Dane ears.  A very thick neck with folds of loose skin leads to their broad shoulders and muscular body.  Long skinny legs which look similar to a Great Dane’s legs end with long oval shaped feet.  Short to medium length hair covers their large body and can come in many colors, including brindle or fawn but other colors appear as well. 

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The Nebolish Mastiff is not like the Great Dane in body but instead has a much thicker bone structure all the way to the legs. They have webbed paws and love to swim.

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The Nebolish Mastiff is a sweet and intelligent dog that requires consistent training.  Great with people, this is a very friendly dog that likes everyone.  Plus, they love to play with children and can be wonderful companions.  Like most intelligent breeds, they can be very stubborn but they are still easy to train.  This breed is an extremely devoted and protective family member.  This breed is also balanced and calm plus they are patient with all ages.

They love water and are good swimmers. Most, but not all, have webbed feet. Only positive training methods should be used with this breed. The Nebolish Mastiff enjoys thinking problems such as finding toys, food puzzles and advanced training. The Nebolish Mastiff needs to be continually socialized and may be reactive to other dogs when in adolescence. Daily exercise is required to maintain good physical and mental health.

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27 – 36 inches
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95 – 200 pounds
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General Health

The Nebolish Mastiff is an extraordinarily healthy breed that was bred to get rid of all genetic diseases.  Plus, their life expectancy of 10 to 14 years is relatively long for large dogs.

It’s best to ask you breeder and make sure that the past three generations have been hip certified.

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The Nebolish Mastiff’s exact origins are a matter of debate.  What seems to be true is that the breed was created in Canada by breeding a large number of breeds, including Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Boxers, and other Mastiffs, to create a breed that was relatively free from genetic diseases.  Some critics of the breed suggest that the breed is not yet standardized, and these puppies are simply mixed breeds.

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Grooming is extremely easy for this breed.  Brushing should be done once a week and a bath should be given about once every month or two.  Exercise is essential for this large active breed.  They love to swim and run around in a large yard; both are perfect exercise. 

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Ideal Environment

The Nebolish Mastiff is a great dog that can be stubborn and is not for all owners.  The most important requirement for owning this breed is dog handling experience because of their difficult nature.  However, it is a loving breed which is great with all people including children.  Training and lots of exercise are important for keeping the Nebolish Mastiff happy.  An apartment would not be good for this breed because they need a large yard and prefer to live in warm areas around water.  This devoted breed will not roam off your property so they can be trusted outside in a yard or on large acreage.

They love water and are good swimmers. Most, but not all, have webbed feet.

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